EVER-GARD Acrapoxy

Ultra Premium 100% Acrylic maonry primer

# EG7200

Detail & Specifications

Available Sheen

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Available Size

  • 5 Gallon
  • 1 Gallon

Product Description

Ever-Gard’sAcraPoxy Concrete White Primeris a 100% acrylic fortified with epoxy functionalityfor improved performance formasonry. AcraPoxy has improved efflorescence resistance, chemical resistance, and adhesion ontoconcrete and masonry surfaces. In addition, the epoxy functional latex is designed to penetrate and further adhere onto masonry. It can be applied onto masonry with pH levels of up to 13. AcraPoxyis suitable for interior/exterior surfaces including concrete construction, stucco surfaces, plaster, block construction, and other masonry surfaces.