Carboline Rustbond

Polymeric epoxy amine

Features & Benefits

  • Universal primer and tie-coat
  • Excellent adhesion to SSPC-SP 2 prepared steel, galvanizing, aluminum, stainless steel and copper
  • Low stress, highly flexible film
  • Extremely high solids
  • Low odor
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Detail & Specifications

Available Sheen

Available Size

  • 2 Gallon Kit

Product Description

Rustbond is a cross-linked penetrating primer/sealer with excellent wetting properties. It is highly flexible with good chemical and solvent resistance, and accept a variety of topcoats. Recommended use as primer/ sealers for marginally prepared steel and over old coatings. Its excellent wetting properties allows it to penetrate rust and discontinuities in existing coatings
and provide a firm anchorage for a variety of topcoats.